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Oh yeah

So since I've got an iPhone 5 might as well post from it

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Scare it Forward

Alot of you have been reading ( me hopes) about my wonderful experiences with William Castle. Of course back in September I had the great joy of taking off the enjoyment of his most revered "gimmicks" in thier glory at the Film Forum in NYC.

Well William Castle has been reaching out from "Beyond the Grave" and enlisted myself and some others. A few "ringers" of real authors and some others just random jamokes like me, to of all things, write a book. I was responsible for Chapter three. We're now up to Chapter 17, its going to be one chapter a night ( at Midnight Eastern) until Halloween.

But then, what is to become of this little opus? Well that is where you my LJ friends come in at. There's discussion of having it published or made into a movie or whatever.

However, none of that can occur without any interest on the website..

This is what I mean..

" If you can visit www.scareitforward.com" and leave just a brief comment on the site, Id be enternally grateful.

The comments can be as simple as "enjoying this," "curious as to where the story is heading," "way to go!" We just need publishers and movie executives who ARE stopping by to see that lots of people are into and following our story.

Thanks so much!

Did a big cut

this morning. I'm starting to find myself move away from LJ. No one seems to be updating any more. I'll poke my head in from time to time. It will be more of a tool for me to keep track of me.

If you don't update or for whatver reason I removed your name and you still post you can take me off.




One off the list .Hello from the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. Bad start better rest of the trip!
98 in NYC YIKES. Full update later

NO you aren't seeing things

In more of an attempt to keep my Vox Account and LJ account in flux, I changed my name on here from GNUMOOSE to gnumoose.

I had that as my LJ name years ago, but its been 2 years since the big blow up of that name in Sept of 05 and have moved along.

So adjust things accordingly.

Whats 1111? my birthday!

Oh and I'm sending this out to EVERYONE in case some of the new people that I have friended recently know.

Also, if I have removed you from my friends list, please take this name off of yours.


If this is the first post you've seen from me in a few months, you've been removed.




On Vox: Sad News out of San Francisco

One of my Castro based Live Journal friends posted up that Welcome Home closed after a 30 year run on Castro Street.

This makes me very sad.

I made a point to have at least one meal there when I visited town. The service and portions were always great.

I'll miss it.

Can someone get some pictures and post up so we have them before it goes away for good?

I'll check my archives when I get home.

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